Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a flying lizard

The view from our bungalow at Khoa Sok

we found a little haven not overloaded with tourist or motorbikes at Khoa Sok NP. Our little bungalow is in a forest setting overlooking the Sok River. It is very nice and peaceful. We took a grueling hike in the jungle yesterday, 16K total, about 10 of it was on what is generously called a trail. Up and over, along ledges, climbing rooks, picking thru roots, but is was pristine and beautiful along the river, and nobody around. We could hear monkeys calling. Today we are doing the first day in a month of doing nothing but hanging around, reading, laundry and such.
tomorrow off on another adventure to a small island. Starting north towards Bangkok.

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  1. Greetings!

    It's been fun reading of your adventures while we're on our own. Sounds like your hike yesterday was what you were looking for. We were probably doing laundry at the same time about 10,000 miles east of you. Hope the rest of your trip brings you even more exciting adventures and great new traveling friends.

    There will be lots of stories on the golf course in a week or two.

    Gregory and Pat