Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ko Chang paradise

Sometimes things work out really well. We caught a longtail ferry to Ko Chang (ko=island) and found a simple eden on a tiny island (about 2x6 miles). Contex bungalows are on a small beach about a 1/2 walk from the "main" beach with more bungalows, but people come here to hang out because there is nothing to do. The resident population of 250 raise coconuts, cashews and rubber and run bungalow operation. We walked on the narrow roads and paths, swam, read and ate wonderful Thais food prepared by the sisters who own and operate. It has really been refreshing. There are no real bars, and only a small store.

Then, this morning on our bus ride to the next stop, after a 5 hour drive the driver and his sidekick neglected to tell us we had arrived. I realized something was up and sure enough they dumped on the highway 8 or 10 miles past our destination. So we started walking, and then a couple in a pickup stopped and happily took us into town. Just got here and have a room for 7$ in a clean little hotel. Gotta go to the night market now to eat.

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  1. Sounds like you're really having a good time. And you're missing some real wintry weather back home. Like 2 inches of rain today.

    See you pretty soon.