Friday, February 13, 2009


We keep finding the good stuff. Went to a little local forest park today and it was really nice. Little stream running down thru a limestone valley and a wild  trail going to the features such as a bat cave, a fish cave and a tangled jungle. Really a treat.  We started walking back to town about 8K and the first truck to come along gave us a lift. As we walked to road we passed little local rubber, coconut and banana plantations, and people greeted us all along with sawadee (hello) and a smile. So different than Bangkok where the smile is based on getting your money.

Now the down side: everybody in Thailand from 12 year old school kids to grandmas drive a moterbike, and pedestrians have no rights at all, so watch out. They won't run you down, but they will swerve around instead of stopping.

Prang Nau is so laid back, but time to leave.